Brand CEO

Huang Xuan(Tracy WONG)

Huang Xuan (Tracy WONG), is a woman of the new era, who likes to challenge (the skilled are bold), has a wide range of hobbies (multi-skills are not pressure), and inspires to be a slash young woman with rich knowledge structure. She maintains her constant enthusiasm for the unknown world and is good at seeing through the appearance to perceive the essence. She has a perfect sense of proportion between freedom and self-discipline, rigour and activity, and is often the focus of the crowd, belonging to the atypical "fine crowd."


Brand CEO

Adhering to the original desire for dreams and under the heavy pressure, “Zmax and Chaoman” hotel brands are reshaped. With a keen sense of the brand, the brand is divided into two parts and injects new energy into the company through the “brand first” idea. Zmax Hotels, a new brand, was founded in July 2018. In March 2019, it took over the Chaoman brand. The Chaoman brand has been fully upgraded and revitalized. Currently, He is the brand manager /CEO of Zmax and Chaoman. He was awarded “a new leader of Chinese hospitality industry” and “innovation figure of Chinese hospitality industry”. He led the Zmax brand to be appraised as “the cutting-edge hotel brand in China” and “Chinese outstanding and cutting-edge design hotel brand”. The Chaoman brand is appraised as “development potential pioneer business travel hotel brand” and “outstanding and charming business hotel brand”.

黄玄(Tracy WONG)